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Warm Up Your Space with Intense Lighting


Built with simplicity in mind, the LD series brings smooth, comfortable Warm Dim technology to any space. Beautiful, ultra-thin trims with a high efficacy drop lens option are perfect for evenly illuminating hallways, corridors, living spaces and beyond. Our LD series can be utilized in both AIC fire-rated and Non-IC applications.


Warm Dim 3000K – 1800K | 92 CRI | Wet Location


August 20 ,2021

DSA is happy to announce Carl Stahl Architecture as one of our newest manufacturing partners!

Carl Stahl Architecture X-LED offers comprehensive, single-source custom solutions for addressable LED array systems, including design assist, substructure, engineering, control, power supply, nodes, site supervision and commissioning.

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May 28, 2021


Introducing Visa Lighting’s newest collection Celest collection. These large-venue pendant lights boast three modern designs in geometric shapes: trianglesquare, and hexagon. Each suspended pendant is offered in two sizes, ranging from 2 to 6 feet.



Celest was designed with large, evenly-illuminated acrylic lenses to provide high lumen output in a comfortable, glare-free way.


These bold architectural luminaires boast high lumen packages that allow them to be major light sources in large open spaces such as offices, lobbies, atriums, theaters, auditoriums, and conference halls.


Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use Visa Lighting’s Celest collection on your next project!


March 8, 2021


Experience Innovation


XAL’s X-Lite fixture is a multipurpose lighting system with multiple lens options and colors. The efficient LEDs easily last up to 80,000 operating hours thanks to their quality and thermal management.


The multifaceted FleX-Lite fixture fits well into many environments. It can be used to enhance dining rooms, libraries, offices, schools or retail stores with a unique and modern look.



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February 15, 2021


BEGA edge-lit luminaires feature superior quality, exquisite design details, and outstanding visual comfort, surpassing industry standards with this unique technology.


When developing BEGA’s first edge-lit pole-top luminaire, product designers spent months trying to remove the inter-reflection in the acrylic diffuser but the longer they studied it, the more they fell in love with that unique effect. After months perfecting the design, it was introduced to our product portfolio in 2016 and has been modeled by our competitors ever since.

A key characteristic of edge-lit technology is the excellent glare control of the illuminated surface, resulting in a light source that is comfortable to look at. This also results in very uniform illumination, both of the surface itself, and of the resulting light distribution.

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February 8, 2021

Demanding environments, durable solutions

Delivering superior illumination in demanding environments where moisture or dust are a concern, Sloan LED’s SLVT Series Linear Vapor Tight is an indoor-outdoor wet location fixture featuring 2ft and 4ft lengths and various wattages, color temperatures, and control options.

The fully gasketed, polycarbonate housing creates a dust and watertight seal, making it durable, bright choice for outdoor areas, canopies, locker rooms, cold storage, parking garages, warehouses and more!

Contact your DSA representative to see how you can use the SLVT on your next project.


January 12,2021



BEGA’s Exterior Catalog 21 includes a wide range of exterior solutions manufactured with the highest quality materials that offer excellent performance. Explore the entire catalog by downloading a digital copy today.



Wooden System Bollards

Wood is a vibrant and emotional material that conveys comfort, warmth and an affinity with nature. At the same time, wood boasts a high degree of durability. Designed for easy attachment to BEGA system bollard heads, wooden system bollard tubes are now available.




Recessed Wall Redesign

With a refined look, increased light output, and contractor friendly enhancements for ease of installation and quality assurance, BEGA’s unwavering commitment to quality permeates everything about this new approach to recessed wall luminaires.



Façade illumination

Complementing the already popular linear façade system, BEGA’s new in-ground and on-ground façade floodlights make it possible to fully illuminate any vertical surface from the ground up. Equally beautiful and effective, each approach offers a high degree of flexibility.


January 5, 2021


DSA is proud to announce our newest partnership with XAL USA!


XAL USA produces luminaires and lighting systems for retail, office, hotel and residential spaces. With their headquarters in New York City and manufacture facility in Connecticut, XAL USA truly exemplifies their mission of European design, American manufactured.


XAL’s mission is to develop lighting solutions that are extraordinary in terms of technology and design. Therefore, research and development are just as integral as first-class know-how in production and logistics. These competences enable XAL to respond flexibly to their customers’ requirements and realize specially tailored solutions quickly and efficiently.


Help us welcome XAL USA to the DSA Family!


Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use XAL USA on your next project.